DryWall Services

Freddy’s Contractor Services Inc. can help you with any drywall related issue you may have. We are well equipped to tackle any type of repair job, such as water damage, settlement cracks, nail pops, holes in the wall, and much more. Once you have identified the type of drywall work that you need done, contact Freddy’s Contractor Services Inc.! Take a look at the range of services we offer below.

Residential Drywall- Residential projects are anything that we would work on in your home. If your home has recently experienced damage to your dry wall, or you’ve decided that it’s simply time to replace it, the Freddy’s team can rectify any issue that has arisen.

Commercial Drywall- If the drywall at your place of business needs updated or replaced, Freddy’s Contractor Service is here to help. We work quietly and efficiently to ensure that your place of business is not disturbed during the repair process, and this means working during the evening or the weekends, whichever will help to ensure your business remains up and running while the repairs are taking place.

Commercial & Residential Drywall Services


Is your business or office in need of renovation? Learn more about Freddy’s commercial drywall hanging, finishing, and repair here.

Is your home in need of new drywall? Learn how Freddy’s Contractor Services Inc. can improve your home with superior drywall hanging, finishing, and repair.